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GardaWorld Cash Services


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About Us

GardaWorld works to ensure the safety and security of millions of people worldwide.

As Canada's leading provider of security solutions, we offer a unique combination of services including risk assessments, security personnel, security technologies, screening services and cash management solutions. GardaWorld employs thousands of Canadians and operates in multiple offices across the country. Secure Transport, Physical Security, Airport Screening and more, we have experts in all fields of security services.

Welfare and prosperity depend on being able to work, play and live in a safe and secure environment. In a world of diverse and increasing risk, maintaining safe and secure environments can be a complex challenge. At GardaWorld, we believe that in every security challenge, there is an opportunity to unlock hidden benefits that can help us to thrive and prosper.

GardaWorld is a global leader in the transportation of valuables by armored truck, cash logistics services including ATM's, money exchange services, and cash vault services. Keep your valuables safe, choose GardaWorld.GardaWorld offers full-spectrum security coverage from risk assessments and consulting, to security tech, all the way to highly-trained and capable security personnel.

Everyday GardaWorld people use their training and expertise to secure global commerce and protect our client's people, property, and reputations. Using industry-leading expertise, we design and manage service offerings for public and private companies across the country, operating in diverse environments, industries and markets.

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